Plant based foods, 100% vegan, kosher and wheat free. Raw, never cooked!


Coco Chia Oat Munch

Coco Chia Oat Munch

We've combinded the super energy of Chia with the magic of Cacao, to bring you a snack that packs a mighty punch! High in antioxidants, fibre, protein, and bone-building minerals, this snack also brings you heart-supporting magnesium, immune boosting properties and mood enhancing effects. What more could you expect from your snack food? Oh yes, super good chocolately taste.

Rolled oats / Dates / Agave syrup / Sesame seeds / Chia seeds / Organic cacao powder / Desiccated coconut / Sunflower seeds

Produced in a facility that uses oats (gluten)